7 Reasons Bookkeepers and Solopreneurs Work Harmoniously in Xero


I’m on your team. Using the best technology and systems available, I partner with you to provide timely financial advice. You will no longer carry the burden of not knowing your current financial state, because myself and Xero keep you in the know. Here are 7 reasons how this is done. 

If you haven’t heard of Xero, let Xero introduce itself with this video.

1. Same accesible data—anytime, anywhere

Because Xero and all of its add-on partners run in the cloud, you and I are always working on and viewing the exact same data. Using Xero means zero technical problems.

2. Easy collaboration

When I have questions, I send you a quick message asking you to check out a transaction. You can login and speak your mind when it is most convenient for you—at 2 A.M., during lunch, within your normal office hours—you get the idea.

3. Constant innovation

Xero and all add-on partners are regularly upgrading the software to make your life more efficient. You will wake up one morning and see jaw-dropping features that make you want to grab a morning beer to celebrate.

4. Manage on the go with mobile apps

We are an app nation and cling to our smartphones. Might as well spend your that two minutes of downtime managing your business instead of a another game of Candy Crush or Fruit Ninja. Xero and most add-ons have great mobile apps.

5. Secure and safe data, all day, everyday

Both Xero and Liberating Wealth take your security very seriously. Xero stores all data with the world-class enterprise hosting facility, Rackspace. All data is encrypted with the best security systems available and backups are created daily and hourly. This happens all behind the scenes so you do not need to think about it. Learn more

6. Add-ons: Your new best friend

Xero does one thing very very well: Accounting. There are many things it does not do well, but has add-on partners that do and data flows seamlessly between the add-on and Xero. Examples include:

  • WorkfowMax is terrific for CRM, job costing and management. 
  • Bill.com gives you bill pay and invoicing on steroids to truely automate these processes.
  • Square accepts payments in person on a mobile device or online, and streams the accounting data perfectly into Xero. 
  • Spotlight Reporting offers dynamic reports that you didn’t know you needed until now. 

There are currently 300+ Xero add-ons and growing. If you have a need, I’ll find the best app to fill it. 

7. All-inclusive value-based pricing

This is similar to paying for an all-inclusive resort or cruise. Instead of food and entertainment; however, you get awesome bookkeeping support and services to help your business grow—even when you are on a cruise. One fixed price, once per month—win!