Many great things begin with a question about a problem. Something as simple as “I wonder if I could better hold my delicious but insanely hot beverage without burning my hand” can indelibly change the way we handle a facet of our lives. This is especially true if an idea also has the locomotion of passion.

Liberating Wealth, a company focusing on cloud solutions for bookkeeping, taxes, and app integration, started with a tough question. The question at hand: can a business not only become a structure for profit generation but also a vehicle for independence, balance, and self-realization? Liberating Wealth plants itself on the fertile soil where making more money is a byproduct of focusing on giving more value to clients.

Patrick attacked this question with deft ninja punches like a kung fu master. That may be a horrible mixed metaphor but the results were nonetheless stunning. The capable product that emerged empowers entrepreneurs with bookkeeping services that give back value and shows them the startling heights cloud applications can lift their business processes.

About the Founder:

Patrick Courtnage’s journey was not spawned by an invading warrior tribe from the north nor a mysterious clue hidden in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Rather, it began with his conviction to find his own definite purpose and to help others on the way to finding theirs. Patrick has used his passion to find the pinnacle at which the cloud embodied with his support can help a business find its definite purpose. Human needs extend beyond the strictly physical. Patrick inherently saw that business could be a source of balance and liberation in one’s life and not simply a means to a well-patched roof or soft-boiled quail eggs.

Ultimately, while sharp attention to detail is a must, good business finances spring from 10% numbers, 20% rules, and 70% emotions. It is Patrick’s conviction that without human understanding there is no possibility for income. The biggest source of revenue is providing value and service to those lovely people we call clients and customers.

Some of Patrick’s other passions include dancing West Coast Swing to pretty much anything with a beat, appreciating a porter microbrew, and running in search of Zen-like focus. He also had a 3-year stint in Hollywood working on movie visual effects for films The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Tron: Legacy. He has worked in the tax and finance industry for the last four years, and holds an Associates of Science degree in Accounting from Santa Monica College. He is also a co-founder of the Alaskan guiding company, Adventure Flow, and consulting company, CollabsHQ.